Saturday, 19 July 2014

Ahmadinejad denies Christianity and Judaism exist

Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is well-known for his denial of The Holocaust. Now, in a speech during the Women and Islamic Awakening Summit held in Milad Tower in Tehran, Ahmadinjead has claimed that God has never sent any religion into the world called Christianity or Judaism, “But He appointed the prophet of Islam, Mohammad, as the prophet for all mankind, from Buddhists to Christians and Jews.”

According to Mohabat News, , Iranian domestic media has reported that during his speech Ahmadinejad addressed the necessity of edification of the world
and awakening of people and said, "All the great prophets have come to edify the world."

He added, "Islam is a universal religion and God has not sent any religion but one. God has never sent any religion called Christianity and Judaism. Abraham was the proclaimer of Islam and so were Moses and Jesus."

He continued, "God has sent only one religion, and that is Islam.
Our dear prophet belongs to the whole world and he is the last of
all prophets. He is also the prophet of Americans, Europeans and
Asians. He is the prophet of Buddhists and has come to save all!”
Ahmadinejad went on to say, "Our dear prophet does not only
belong to the Muslims as so does not Quran. The Quran belongs to all mankind.”

Mohabat News goes on to report that, in his statement against
Israel, Ahmadinejad said, "The sharp tip of all revolutions and
uprisings should point to the Zionist regime of Israel, for it is the
base of all arrogance. Until the dominance systems and Zionist
regime exists, Nations won't see the face of peace. This is why
they should be destroyed.”

In earlier speeches, Ahmadinejad had denied The Holocaust, the
massacre of Jews by the Nazis. Ahmadinejad had said that The
Holocaust is a myth.

Also, Mohabat News reports, Iranian vice president, Mohammad-
Reza Rahimi, said in his remarks some days ago that drug
trafficking is rooted in the Jewish book of Talmud.

The news agency says authorities in other countries, as well as UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, have reacted against these

source: christiannewstoday

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