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CELEBRITY SPOTLIGHT:: Pastor Chris the Giver

Human beings are not naturally known to always give without
thinking of what they would get in return. So it is worthy of note
when a man gives so much without asking for anything in

Rev. Chris Okotie may not have a stunning personality to some
Nigerians, but he has endeared himself to many particularly
those who got a helping hand when it mattered to them.
He shows love to all and occasionally dishes out different gift

Recently, on his birthday when others would sit back to
welcome and collect birthday gifts in multitude; he chose to
dedicate the day giving to people household items, satisfying
the material needs of people. In this edition, we bring you an
icon that is always ready to share…

No doubt, the ageless multi award winning pop Musician, Chris
Okotie; now known as Rev. Chris Okotie is a very wealthy man;
who loves seeing the faces of people light up whenever he

He doesn’t need any introduction to Nigerians as his album ‘I
need someone’ brought him to limelight in the 80′s. It would
also be recalled that Pastor Chris left singing secular songs for
gospel songs more than 30 years ago; after he repented.
Today, he writes gospel songs and he sings to worship God. It
is also worthy of note that Rev. Chris is also a writer as he
wrote the best selling book titled “The last outcast” which was
a sell out. Pastor doesn’t have a choir in his church yet
awesome songs are produced by him as the choir master and
his church as his choir.

Rev. Chris was born on June 16, 1959. He is an Urhobo from
Abraka in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State.
He is the founder and senior pastor of Household of God
Church; a church located in Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos state since
1987. He is a law graduate from the University of Nigeria,
Enugu campus.

The church auditorium, including the children’s department,
the car parks and its extensive fallow land is worth billions of
naira. He has other choice properties in the United State of
America worth millions of dollars.
The church auditorium is a beautiful, large edifice, built to
house more than 2000 people or more. Although, Household of
God Church is not as crowded like people would have expected
it to be, but they have the ability and movement of a batallion
as Rev. Chris would always say that “God doesn’t work with
the crowd, but with selected few who are ready to work in the
his vineyard”.

Rev. Chris Okotie believes strongly in investing in the lives of
people; he is described by all who has made contact with him
as an intense giver. He also believes that “God who has called
him would take care of him”.
So he doesn’t believe in any investment except in the service of
God and humanity. But even at that; he is arguably one of the
richest pastors in Nigeria; as he collects very expensive wrist
watches, wears expensive suits, ties, perfumes and shoes.
Rev.Chris spoke extensively on this very issue in one of his
sermons. According to him ” working in line with God’s will
and direction for my life has made me buy more expensive
cars and wear more expensive clothes than most of my

Pastor Chris spends a lot of money on charity as he is enjoys
giving. He jokingly told the church on one of such Sundays that
he spends over two hundred and fifty thousand naira each
Sunday buying gifts for people.
The Yuletide seasons are not left out as he spends millions
through the church making Christmas season beautiful for the
less privilege in the Society.
Pastor and the church has a yearly grace programme; on the
programme they organise an award event known as Karis
award for people who did amazing things in their field of


He is an unrepentant car freak; as his cars are estimated to be
over N400m. He has cars such as BMW, to exotic models of
Range Rover and Mercedes Benz. Recently, he added a Rolls
Royce Phantom, 2014 edition to the fleet in his garagewhich
cost him a whooping sum of N80m. That was to be a personal
gift to celebrate his 27 years on the pulpit and 30 years as a
born again Christian.

source: vanguard

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