Friday, 25 July 2014

FEATURE:: Candace Cameron Bure criticized for her faith stand

Actress Candace Cameron Bure admits that being an outspoken
woman of faith has made her the target of criticism. And while
she has been criticized for various reasons in the past, she says
her critics are after her fashion choices and modesty this time.
In a recent blog post on her website, Bure notes that maintaining
her moral integrity while being successful in Hollywood is not as
challenging as dealing with the scrutiny she faces through her
personal social media accounts.

"The most negativity I receive on FB is about my clothing and
modesty. I do realize I took a position of modesty while I was on
Dancing With the Stars and because of it, people are that much
more attentive to everything I wear. And understandably so!"
wrote Bure.

The actress was referring to her time on the show earlier this
year during which she told dancing partner Mark Ballas that she
was going to opt for more modest costumes versus showing a
lot of skin like women contestants usually do.

Since then, Bure has been criticized often, including recently on
Facebook after she posted a photograph on July 19, when she is
shown wearing a black tube top outfit for an autism and
Parkinson's disease charity event.
"Peek a boo cleavage is not modest," commented Facebook user
Kim Ethington Schwart under Bure's photo. "Given her strong
stance on modesty, which she openly shared even dictated her
costumes on DWTS, this style choice of hers in this photo is
surprising & does send a very different message. Doubt she'd
wear this to a "women of joy" event or any faith based event
because of the lack of modesty … "

While Bure has often responded to FB posts, she did not reply to
Schwart's post, however many of her fans came to her defense.
In her blog, Bure did note that social media has turned into a
"breeding ground for negativity" by people who give their "rude
and downright mean" opinions about others. While she has
certainly been on the receiving end of criticism, she admits that
she has also silently passed judgment on people.

"We say things under our breath, we exhale in frustration and
then stick a smile on our face so that person doesn't know what
we really want to tell them," writes Bure. "Maybe we never
verbalize it, but we're still thinking it …"

In the same manner, Bure says people usually take on a "proud
know-it-all position" when judging others instead of a
compassionate stance. To illustrate her point, Bure included an
article in her post, written by Christian blogger Kimberely

In her piece, Suchta examines how Christians oftentimes are
quick to judge a woman dressed immodestly in church. But what
they may not know is that perhaps that woman is broken or in
the process of improving her walk with Christ, she writes.
The responses Bure received after posting her blog was overall
positive as many said they could relate to her.

"Thank you for posting this," wrote Mindy Nichols, a Facebook
user. "One Sunday when I didn't approve of my teenaged
daughters outfit she stayed home from church. I was so mad at
myself for worrying more about what other people thought of her outfit than her going to church …"

source: christianpost

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