Tuesday, 15 July 2014

In times like These- by Pastor Sam Adeyemi

By Pastor Sam Adeyemi | Matthew 24: 1-8

Current events in different parts of the world give us cause for
concern: the raging war in Syria, the surprise takeover of a
major part of Iraq by a violent group, events in India and
Pakistan, the abduction of three teenagers in Israel and over
200 school girls in Nigeria, bomb attacks in Uganda, Kenya and
Nigeria. All these events have the tendency to create anxiety
so it is not unrealistic of us to desire a more peaceful situation.

There are many interpretations and opinions about these
events but is important to have a godly perspective. What does
God think? Many people heap the blame on the Church saying
that the members are not praying and preaching enough. They
wonder why corruption is increasing even as many churches
are springing up.

Over 2000 years ago, Jesus made some predictions; He
described what things would be like in latter times. Jesus said
there would be a lot of deception, some of which would come
from the Church. Many will claim to represent Christ even
though He is not the One who sent them (Matthew 24: 4-5;
11). He said there will be wars and rumours of wars. There will
also be famines, pestilences (outbreak of diseases) and
earthquakes in various places (Matthew 24: 6-7). Yet, Jesus
said these events mark the beginning of sorrows. There will
also be persecution of the Church because it is the pillar and
ground of truth. (Matthew 24:9). Even though Satan hates the
Church and has tried to pull it down, the Church is still
standing. Jesus also said there will be a lot of hatred,
bitterness and anger between family members, tribes and
nations (Matthew 24: 10). He also said that there will be an
overwhelming spread of evil (Matthew 24: 11 MSG). One word
to describe the above events is “crisis”.

With all these events, what position should a Christian take
(Isaiah 60:1)? It is impractical to expect that towards the end
of the age, as God is moving and affecting people’s lives,
Satan would lie down and play dead. He is also bringing up his
best inventions and unleashing them on earth. As God gives
mankind technology to leverage on, Satan also leverages on it.

Sexual immorality is on an explosive frequency. Human nature
prefers sin because it is sweet but the consequences are not
sweet. Satan tries to change the rules and calls them
antiquated. Therefore, to be properly positioned, each Christian
should be on guard against deception (Matthew 24: 4). This is
the time to read and search the Bible daily for yourself (Acts
17:11). There are many false doctrines going round. Next,
guard against anxiety and worry (Mathew 24:6). Instead, learn
to pray (Philippians 4:6-7). When you pray, God shows you His
perspective (Jeremiah 33:3). Also, you must have staying
power and hold on to God. There will be a lot of opportunities to compromise and give up (Matthew 24: 13-14). 

Finally, the crises coming in the world are going to produce opportunities for the Christian to share God’s Word. Human beings do not feel a need for God until they face crisis in their lives.

Leadership opportunities show up when people are confused (1
Chronicles 12:32). This is the time to project God’s saving message to our world.

source: daystarng

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