Saturday, 5 July 2014

Kenneth Copeland lays hand on the Pope

On June 23, 2014, Kenneth Copeland, along with James and Betty Robison and other evangelical church leaders, met with the Pope in Rome at the Pope’s request.

On June 30, 2014, Kenneth Copeland explained to his Partners and Friends at the Southwest Believers’ Convention the significance of this meeting. He began his talk by reviewing key points and scriptures:

>>> In John 17:20-23, Jesus prayed that the body of Christ would be unified.

>>> In Ephesians 4:1-3, Paul instructs us how to live a life worthy of our divine calling, which includes keeping unity.

>>> Romans 10: 9-13 outlines the requirements of salvation.

The visit remains one that keeps the christian body on the spotlight,one may wonder " there finally going to be unity in the body of Christ with no segregation as to practices and doctrines?". But that is a story for another day, yet we must keep hope alive as we draw inference from Copeland's words.

source: kenneth Copeland's Ministry

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