Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Daily Manna by Benny Hinn

 The name 'Benny Hinn' is a household name across the nations of the world as is his miracle and singing anointing. Loved by many and appreciated by millions, Benny Hinn is an inspiration and has become an authority in Christiandom.

Pastor Benny Hinn to announced the release of the new 'Daily Manna' inspired by the HolySpirit. These are his exact words...

"I love to begin my day with our wonderful Lord Jesus by
spending time in His presence and studying the Word of
God. The Holy Spirit quickened these marvelous insights
from Scripture to my heart. From the quite solace of my
prayer room, I share my Daily Manna with you, my friend and
partner in ministry".

It is a must read for all as it is a source of inspiration and spiritual guide to your daily activities. for more info visit www.bennyhinn.org/daily-manna/daily-manna-july-8-2014/

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