Thursday, 3 July 2014

President of CAN speaks on dialogue with terrorist group

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor , president of the Christian Associaton of
Nigeria, has stated why it may not be right to include him in a
team that will negotiate with Boko Haram .

Speaking in Abuja at the National Conference on Voices Against Violence , Oritsejafor said the terrorists aimed at establishing an Islamic state in Nigeria .

The pastor also explained he can ’ t think of being the one to lead the dialogue with Boko Haram. “ They will not listen to me because I do not have the same ideology they have” .

However the CAN head claimed he was not against the dialogue adding that the negotiators should be the Muslims religious leaders , traditional leaders and Muslim politica leaders .

“If we want to end the Boko Haram insurgency , we as Nigerians must speak the truth . That is the major factor. Boko Haram has an ideology , Muslim leaders should engage them and tell them the truth . ”

According to him, traditional rulers can render substantial help
with the situation , especially in the north , mostly affected by
insurgency . Oritsejafor insisted that Christians and Muslims can and should work together for the sake of peace in Nigeria , adding that such cooperation should be based on telling the truth.

“They [ Boko Haram] are out to establish an Islamic state.
Most of these bad groups around the world want to establish
Islamic states. I do not hate the Muslims but the truth must be
told . So many Muslim leaders should take time and visit
Christians who are victims of Boko Haram like we Christian
leaders do . ”

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