Friday, 4 July 2014

Rev. Shirley Ceasar loses husband

We are so sorry to report that Pastor Shirley Caesar has lost her husband Bishop Harold Ivory Williams after being married since 1983.

According to Wikipedia, he spent 37 years with Mt. Calvary Holy Church of America Inc, which expanding to over 15 states and foreign countries in Europe, Africa and Asia under his guidance.

About the passing of Bishop Williams, Yolanda Adams stated:

"Our heartfelt prayers, sympathy and love
go out to Pastor Shirley Caesar and her
family at the passing of her beloved
Husband Bishop Harold Williams Sr. He
was a great man of GOD and will be
missed by all he mentored and led".

The cause of Bishop Williams’ death has not been announced, and homegoing information is forthcoming.

Bishop Harold Ivory Williams is survived by Pastor Caesar and their children Harold Ivory Williams and Hope Mason.

source: @Yolandalive
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