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The Man with the miracle gaze

 Braco the Gazer has a special talent in the realm of alternative spirituality. He can heal people by just gazing at them for a few minutes. Hundreds claim that
their aches and ailments have all vanished after they
looked into his peaceful eyes. The 46-year-old Croatian is now immensely popular in Europe and is a growing phenomenon in the United States.

He doesn’t call himself a healer, guru or teacher. In
fact, Braco (pronounced Brah-tzo) leads a pretty
normal lifestyle; he smokes, eats meat and lives with
his wife and child. But none of that gets in the way of
his gazing powers. According to his followers, Braco
has connectivity with the Sun, which makes him a
conduit for the transmission of divine energy, and a
portal to oneness or the quantum field. Apparently, the
power of his gaze is so strong that pregnant women are
forbidden to attend his gazing events…

That might sound like a whole lot of spiritual mumbo-
jumbo to the uninitiated. But it makes perfect sense to
those who have been ‘touched’ by Braco’s gaze. He
does not speak in public or give interviews; the only
time people have heard his ‘loving’ voice is on DVD.
Some people say he hasn’t actually spoken to anyone
outside his inner circle since 2002. It’s almost as
though he might lose his special powers if he utters
more words than strictly necessary.

Braco, a former engineer, wasn’t born with his gift; he
inherited it from the Serbian master gazer Ivica Prokic,
whom he met in Croatia. Prokic is said to have passed
on his powers and re-christened him Braco, which
means ‘little brother’. After Prokic died, Braco took his
new gift, ‘the gaze’, on a tour of the world. He gathered
many followers and supporters during his travels, who
now vouch for the magical, healing properties of his

‘The gaze’ can be experienced in various ways –
through DVD, via live online sessions, in group events,
or through personal meetings. Braco encourages
people to bring a photo of their child or a person
needing help. The sessions are intended for adults
above 18 years of age; children can meet Braco only
on his birthday. These sessions can cost anywhere
between $3 to $8. There’s expensive merchandise to
be purchased as well, like a range of ‘sun jewelry’
featuring Prokic’s symbol – a golden sun with 13 rays.
A 14 carat gold version costs around $5,000.

If the accounts of Braco’s followers are to be believed,
the effects of the gaze are pretty strong. Some say that
they saw him shape-shift instantly, while others
describe it as a ‘shower of golden specks like a confetti’ flowing over their body. A few people were reduced to tears.

Some said that their ‘terrible foot pains’ had vanished
and some were grateful for instant relief from a bad
toothache. “My back usually really hurts and it hasn’t,”
said a recipient of the gaze. Most people said that they
felt heat, warmth, a lightness, a tingling sensation, and
in some cases, a bubble of love.

According to one follower, the effects of the gaze
extended to his family as well. “The next day I went to
see my mom, and I walked into the hospital, and she
was walking down the hall on a walker with a nurse on
each side. And they’re all going, ‘My God! This was a
miracle. She just got up this morning and wanted to
walk in and eat breakfast.’ She hadn’t eaten anything
but a cup of little something for a month.”

The gaze seems to cure all sorts of ailments and
problems. One woman’s adopted daughter reached out
to her birth mother, another’s brother recovered from a
bone marrow transplant. A woman’s lost
granddaughter found her way home. Some were cured
of Lyme’s disease, a woman’s ovaries exploded (which
was needed for curing her). It seems to work on
animals as well, according to a woman who claimed
that her mom’s cat was saved.


Although the testimonials are quite strong, there are
those who believe that Braco is a fraud. Several
questions have been raised about his credibility, and
some people wonder if the positive effects of the gaze
are merely psychological.

source: thetrentonline.com

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