Sunday, 20 July 2014

Today's devotional with JoyceMeyer

Give It Up! by Joyce Meyer - July 21, 2014

Unto You, O Lord, do I bring my life. —Psalm 25:1

This is a very short but powerful verse. In fact it gives you the
answer for your whole life: give it to the Lord.

This doesn’t mean you should bring Him just your worries and
problems. It means bringing Him your entire existence and
everything it entails. Grasping that truth will set you free from
weariness and a feeling of wanting to give up.

I used to get worn out preparing for my meetings. I would get so
intense about it and work so hard at making sure everything was
right that I worked myself into exhaustion. Then I learned that all I have to do is give Him my life and everything in it. As we yield to Him, His peace fills us.

As you pray today, give your entire life to God and experience the freedom of knowing that whatever you face—good or bad—He has it under control.

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