Saturday, 5 July 2014

Used Condomgiven as offering in a church service

Offering time, blessing time!” So goes the chorus from members of the congregation whenever it’s time to give offering in most churches.

To most Christians, the offering time is, indeed, a time of immense financial blessing. But recently, the offering time turned into a moment of hot curses in a Lagos church when an already used condom, dripping with semen, was discovered inside the offering box after the Sunday service.

It was like a weird dream, according to the former Chairman,
Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Ogba Zone, Prophet
Tobi Okonkwo, who witnessed the incident. The cleric said he
couldn’t believe his eyes when a discarded condom, with
stains, was discovered in an envelope in the offertory box of his
former church.

When Pope Paul VI warned on June 29, 1972 that the smoke of
Satan had entered the church, not many Christians took the
warning seriously.

With this recent incident, Okonkwo admitted that the agents of
darkness had infiltrated the churches in large numbers and
now occupy high-ranking positions in the gathering of God’s
children, where they wreak untold havoc on the unwary flock.
Okonkwo, who is also the General Overseer of Living Word
Prayer Assembly, Agege, Lagos, wept over man’s ingratitude
to God during a recent monthly thanksgiving programme of the
church, tagged Manna from Heaven.

Although the service was a joyful moment where the shepherd
distributes food items and other gifts to his flock, his startling
revelation brought a hush of silence on the congregation. His words pierced the hearts of the worshippers, as he explained how man had become ungrateful to divine benevolence. His several instances of the atrocities committed in hallowed places pointed to the fact that messengers from hell now walked about freely in hallowed places. 

“It is really bad. It has got to a point where some people come to the church to mock God. They are anti-Christ but they still go to church. You could imagine how somebody came to the church and decided to give a used condom in an envelope to God. You can see how wicked man has become,” he said. Okonkwo said the giver of the abominable gift refused to confess his crime, even when the entire church rained curses profusely on whosoever was responsible.

He said, “A curse was laid on the person. Even before the people laid the curse, God had already seen the abomination committed in his house by someone, who pretended he came to the church to worship God.”

The former PFN leader warned other members of the church of
the reality of the anti-Christ, whose reign would usher ungodliness in the world. He lamented that prosperity message
has taken over the pulpit at the neglect of the gospel of repentance, which had enslaved many hearts in pleasure and love of the world.

According to him, most Christians hunger for sermons that promise easy wealth, while rejecting teachings that encourage
chastity, discipline, endurance and faithfulness.

“The style of the anti-Christ is to mock Jesus. Many Christians
today are crucifying Christ a second time. It’s really sad and
unfortunate,” he said. The cleric decried the approval of same s*x marriage by different countries, describing the constitutional recognition accorded to such couples as an indication of the reign of anti-Christ in the world.

Rather than milk his members dry, Okonkwo said he introduced
a programme, Manna from Heaven, to feed the flock of Christ
with the little he could afford. He said the programme involved
sharing of bags of rice, noodles and other foodstuff on equal
measures to all the members to inculcate in them the love for
sharing and concern for their suffering neighbour.

Okonkwo also berated some pastors who, according to him,
start Christian ministries and involve themselves in dubious
things all in a bid to acquire wealth and fame. He said such ones worship money as their god. “For them to get money, they
end up preaching prosperity.

Salvation messages are not often on their lips. The church is not supposed to be a business but most people have turned it into a business.

It is quite unfortunate,” he said. Aside the sacrileges committed
in churches, Okonkwo, who had earlier predicted the emergence of Jonathan as President during the ailing days of late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, also frowned at the various scandals rocking political offices and other sectors of the economy.

He said most Nigerians have lost the sense of sanity, citing the
many cases of corruption in the country. According to him, no
day passes without the disclosure of one fresh set of financial
scandal or the other.

He lamented that the financial blood of the country was being
drained by some thieving elite with no interest of the masses at
heart. Although Okonkwo foreclosed the chances of possible
disintegration of the country, he warned corrupt leaders to
repent or face the wrath of heaven.

According to him, only selfless leaders would bring the nation
back from the brink of monumental crisis and repair the ruins
caused by corruption and bad leadership in the country.

source: naijagospel

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