Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Bold Right Life is Kierra Sheard's new NGO & non profit organization focused on equiping Godly and goodly set of youth in a world of chaos and misguidedness that we live in. You have to register already and be a part of this great thing.

BRL is a youth organization that tackles the spirit of ignorance
forced upon today's youth, by nurturing them spiritually and
naturally; " We are dead to the things of this world..." Boldly living Right, getting ready for Life.

The purpose of this organization is to help those persons that may be lost within today's society and to help others maintain their focus in this lifetime. Today's youth, and young adults, are often blinded by what the world has perverted and our personal
downfalls. Many do not have supportive families, or the resources necessary, to offer them positive alternatives or assistance.

In addition, the all-important spiritual and natural direction
needed in this lifetime are not easily accessed for this generation.

It has been proven that each new generation gain more access to
roads that detour them from fulfilling their purpose in life over life fulfilling opportunities. BRL, as a non-profit organization, will help youth and young adults to get closer to what they want to accomplish. BRL will aim to fill the void by helping them to identify and nurture their goals, talents, and gifts.

In BRL, goals and planning will be encouraged for youth and young adults to get on track spiritually and naturally. As a Christian organization, we encourage knowing the truths of Christ. We promote having an understanding of our purpose in life, and this fight of faith. We intend to offer alternatives, educating them about not only their potential, but also about God's power being able to turn their potential into a realized force in this Earth. BRL wants youth and young adults to know that this life is a dress rehearsal for our lives in eternity. We understand that every one person can win another. Therefore, it is our goal to invest time, love, opportunities, guidance, and so much more to those who connect with BRL. The vision of this organization is to develop more young leaders and uncompromising individuals for Christ, themselves, and the generation to come.

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