Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Pastor Who Serves Homeless Women Is Being Accused of Raping Them

Pedro Custodio,44, was arrested Monday following allegations
from three women who accused the leader of sexually battering

Since being arrested, Custodio has admitted to having sexual
relations with the women at Our Father's House of Refugee
Ministries, which is located in the city of Eustis. However, he has
denied charges that it was not consensual, including allegations
from one woman who accused him of asking her to help him
move boxes before locking the door and raping her.

Custudio was jailed Monday night, but is now free on bond. He is
charged with two counts of sexual battery and one count of
attempted sexual battery.

Pastor Moses Robbins, who runs Revolution Church near where
Custudio's transitional home was located, said that he offered up
his church's space to the pastor after seeing the decrepit
condition of Our Father's facilities.

"When I found out that his transitional home right around the
corner was meeting in their driveway, with the bugs in Florida
and the heat, and they were having a little church service in their driveway, I thought it would be right to open up our sanctuary to a group that was just starting like someone did for us," Robbins told Click Orlando .

According to Robbons, Custudio is also married and has several

"On Sunday evenings he comes, his wife is a lovely lady, she
sings and he preaches. They've got, I don't know, four or five
little beautiful kids; and he's got, I don't know, probably 15 or 20
people that come," said Robbins, describing Custodio's

On its website , Our Father's House of Refugee Ministries
describes its mission as to "assist the needy and homeless of
our community, with spiritual guidance, food, clothing,
information of other resources in our area, and feeding the soul
and body."

It also adds that the ministry began in February 2010, and that
"Pastor Pete has 14 years of experience working with the

"Our vision is to be a refuge to those in need, be it spiritually,
physically, or emotionally. We have the access to help with food,
clothing, and provide different resources to them within our
community. The different resources that we could guide them
with are counseling services, domestic violence, family health
hotline, shelter, utility assistance, and many other sources of

source: christianpost

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