Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ridley Scott to Direct New Movie Based on the Life of King David

Ridley Scott, the director of the upcoming "Exodus" movie based
on the story of Moses, is set to produce another big budget film
in the future based on King David.

Normally stories about David focus on his legendary battle with
Goliath, however, this film will document his later years where
he ran the kingdom of Israel and kept the nation afloat, according to the original report from Variety. The project has been given the working title "David."

Jonathan Stokes will pen the screenplay and Scott could end up
directing, however, that has not been confirmed at this time.
With various upcoming projects such as a sequel to
"Prometheus" and "The Martian," he might have to entrust
someone else with those duties.

Hollywood's interest in Bible-based films seems to be at an all-
time high thanks to high grossing pictures such as Noah which
made $359 million in the box office.

Scott's first trailer for "Exodus: Gods and Kings" leaked earlier
this month, but is no longer available. The part Moses will be
played by Christian Bale who will lead the Israelites out of Egypt
in the film, much like he did in the original Ten Commandments,
which starred Charlton Heston. The trailer reveals that a lot of
the film's focus will on Moses relationship with the ruler of
Egypt, pharaoh Rhameses, who is played by Joel Edgerton.

The two are shown growing up together in the film and are
portrayed as being close as brothers.

Scott is a shoe-in for historical epics as his 2000 film Gladiator
starring Russell Crowe is regarded by many fans as a modern-
day classic. His talents could bring new life to these Bible-
based stories that have not yet been covered with big budgets
and modern technology employed by Hollywood today.

source: christianpost

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